Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Music Man is here

The piano tuner is here this morning. He is tuning the piano that has sat idle in this house for a good 15 years. I actually wondered if he would be able to tune it at all, it's in such a bad way. However he cheerfully told me that, on inspection, it had been tuned once before. In 1932.

There are weird noises coming from my lounge. Very weird. I feel like I'm living out a bad 1920s horror movie score.


St said...

Give us a tune then

Ali said...

To be honest, although I used to play, we got it tuned because my son is learning.

Funny story; I once applied for a job that required the successful applicant to supervise piano practice. In order to be more attractive for the position, I put the fact that I played piano on my CV. I mean, anyone with half a musical ear could supervise piano practice and recognise a wrong note, so with my limited experience of grade 4 I was probably going to be OK!

Three years later, in a different job (I didn't get the piano practice position) I was standing in the staffroom when the VP burst through the door "O good" she says "I was looking for you. The music teacher is off, and we need you to play for asssembly!"

At the Name of Jesus they wanted!!

In absolute horrer, I explained I couldnt do it, especially with such short notice (5 minutes) to which she replied "but it says on your CV ..."